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    Firstly let me say Hi to everyone and apologies for what must be quite basic questions.

    1. What’s the best position for the genoa fairlead in a cruising Wayfarer? Is it the position specified in the racing section of ‘The Wayfarer Book’? I was sure I had seen a boat with a simple arrangement (separate cam and cleat) mounted on the thwart, which would leave the forward seats free for sitting on!
    2. How are the rear compartment hinges supposed to keep the lid from unexpectedly opening? They appear to be a poor solution which puts a fair amount of stress through the mounting screws into the fibreglass.
    3. Is it possible to fit/sew your own reefing points into the sail?
    4. Lastly, is it possible to dye sails?

    I’ve been trying to repair/fix up W8942 which looks as though it’s been through the wars. I was offered it at a price which I couldn’t refuse. It’s been many years since I sailed last, spending a little time on a GP14 and a few outings on a laser. Recent years have seen me sea kayaking in areas near to where I stay in Glasgow in the West of Scotland.

    Many thanks,

    Derek Fyfe


    Hi Derek.
    We are pretty new to cruising a Wayfarer ourselves so chances are someone with a lot more experience may have other answers but…….
    Re’ the fairlead position, On ScallyWagg they are mounted on the side decks leaving the seats clear, I have noticed we can’t point quite as high as other boats with fairleads mounted inboard but for cruising with the family I prefer to have the seating clear. We have just fitted slab reefing and it works a treat. If you e-mail me I’ll send you measurements, pictures etc. 2 deep (1 meter) reefs with all the patches etc cost about £8 and the sail sets beautifully. All the best. Mike.

    W5316, ScallyWagg

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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