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    What an event…….! Having been there, and seen the amount of work and organisation required to make the event such a success, massive thanks are due to many people, especially Monica Schaeffer, Liam McGrath, Mike McKechnie, Sarah Burgess and the rest of the committee and organisers. I am sure there are many involved that I was not aware of, and I apologise for not mentioning them! Thanks are also due to Ciara Dowling and the organisers of the Volvo Dun laoghaire Regatta, Tim and his team at the National YC and to Harry Gallagher (OOD) and his team on the committee boat, for managing to provide 9 very well run races in some challenging conditions.
    One of my abiding memories will be the awesome display of heavy weather sailing by Dave Wade and his crew in the first race. With a huge lead, and the wind increasing and gusting 7, there was absolutely no need for them to fly the spinnaker on the last lap…..but fly it they did. I doubt many Wayfarers have ever gone faster. By Dave’s own admission, he will read the sailing instructions next time though! They sailed a great series to win the event emphatically.

    Finally, massive thanks are due to all of the boats who travelled from over the water, who all made the event a great success……..thanks, and see you soon

    W 10686


    Some really positive comments Trevor. It was indeed a great event, one for the Wayfarer Class history for all sorts of reasons. Monica has done a great report and I will follow up with a narrative of events onshore because true to form the Irish hosts provided us with a fantastic social scene and with that a few stories to tell!


    Narrative has been done. There are lots of photos to go with it so please be patient whilst those with greater IT skills than mine work out how to upload my ramblings. Liam

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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