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    I would appreciate any advice on keeping a Wayfarer Mk4 on a mooring in during the summer months.

    Is there any way to make it more secure?  It’s in a relatively protected area – near Emsworth in Chichester Harbour on South Coast but is still relatively exposed for a natural harbour, and is non-drying deep water mooring. I don’t live nearby so I can’t get to her quickly if there is severe gale warning and I can’t keep her on land.

    It’s a recent version of the Wayfarer with the self-draining capacity so I’m assuming a lot of water will get in under the covers of the self-drainers in the stern. But I can live with that.  What I’m more concerned about is her stability. The older versions would have more stability and probably happier on a mooring like this (my Dad kept a wooden Wayfarer in similar spot many moons ago)

    It was suggested to me by an experienced Wayfarer builder that I could secure some weights to each shroud point (perhaps water filled containers) to increase the stability of the moored boat.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?


    Hello. This is an old post I know, but how did you get on? I am in a similar position. Ow where my Mk4 will be alongside in a marina or on a deep water swinging mooring. Your experiences and advice would be really helpful to me please and I’d appreciate hearing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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