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    Hi,  looking for either a/ wayfarer mk2 rear hatch  or advice on how I can remove the lugs on a hatch I have been given so that it can sit over the gaping hole of my rear locker. The 3 bumps which would hold the clasps for the latch which sit on the inside of the boat have been set so that they don’t allow the hatch to sit down on the whole. it leaves a 1-2mm gap at the front.
    any suggestions warmly welcome p


    Replace the foam rubber strip with a slightly thicker one perhaps?

    In any case do not bend the clasp, that path leads nowhere. (Been there, done that, didn’t get a T-shirt).

    Resetting the clasp may be another, far more complex, option. If pop-riveted you can drill off the rivet heads to remove them. Then fix the holes with thickened Epoxy or a good strong Epoxy Filler such as International’s Watertite, and drill new holes after the Epoxy has set. Depending on the situation you may want to Epoxy some glass weave over the old holes on the inside of the buoyancy tank for added strength.

    I would not try to reset the lugs on the hatch. Since the rim of the hatch isn’t very high the lugs won’t go easy anywhere else as where they are.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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