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    Sorry to resurrect an old post, but I’m a new member and unsure of the protocol for posting regarding older posts, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
    I have just purchased my first dinghy, a wayfarer 2. I have a few years’ experience on larger sail boats but nothing like a dinghy. Most of my sailing will be cruising and nothing to extreme, having said that it is not unusual for sailors to get caught out, so I need to plan for the unexpected.
    I have read with great interest people’s thoughts and ideas with regarding combating inversion and indeed how to rectify same. I will be from time to time be a lone sailor and have a couple of questions.
    Q1, when the boat has been righted what will stop it sailing away with you bobbing up and down like a cork.
    Q2, getting on board. I am assuming that you may feel a little exhausted after righting the boat you will probably also be a bit waterlogged. What methods do you suggest for getting back on board.

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    I don’t have much capsize experience, but seeing as nobody else has answered…

    The boat doesn’t sail away because you should be hanging onto it, it is full of water and very heavy, and it is going to tend to head up to wind and stop as soon as it gets any way on. A runaway Wayfarer that was already swamped would probably capsize again very quickly.
    I have read that you should hang onto the bow to act as a sea anchor, so that the wind turns the boat head to wind. However this would make it rather difficult to get back aboard, the easiest way to do that being at the stern. The boat will be low in the water but also rather unstable so boarding over the stern is less likely to roll it over.
    If you have sea room, go on a broad reach with the bailers open, and the boat should empty itself pretty quickly.


    Thanks for that, does make sense.

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