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    We are new to sailing and have just purchased a Wayfarer Mk IV No 10513. We purchased the fold out leaflet entitled “Unfold the Wayfarer” but the images are extremely small, particularly for the setting up and rigging page, and it’s difficult to see the detail. Does anyone know if there are better images or if the leaflet is available digitally so the images can be enlarged?


    I don’t know the leaflet you are referring to, but the best few quid you can spent is ordering the Wayfarer Book through this web site. It is a book published by the Wayfarer association and written by Wayfarer sailors for Wayfarer sailors. It will answers most, if not all, questions you may have. (A nice Christmas present perhaps)?

    Another good source of information is the WIT (Wayfarer Institute of Technology), a Canadian web site that collects essays for you to download, written by Wayfarer sailors from all over the world. (Google will guide you there).



    Paul, with winter coming, not much sailing for a novice until the weather cheers up and certainly not while we have these storms rattling around, I suggest you get a few good dinghy how-to-sail books to hand and watch some videos on the internet.

    I imagine you are not in a sailing club, otherwise these questions would have been answered by club-members who come over to admire your Mk4, so my other piece of advice is to find your local club, join it and ask questions, sailing people love to help new mates, there are a lot of things that only become clear when you see them being done and a book doesn’t always help you decide if something is quite right, like rig-tension for example.

    Where are you located? Someone reading this is bound to be from nearby and suggest you come to their club.


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