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    The UKWA Committee wish to know what members think about the boat insurance scheme operated for us by Firth Insurance and advertised in Wayfarer News. Can members who have used the scheme please comment on its effectiveness and value for money.
    If you have not used the scheme please tell us why not.

    Your comments will be used as background when we next discuss the scheme with the brokers.



    Last year I did a bit of research and although I found a premium a bit cheaper (but not much), it wasn’t worth switching.



    I must admit to having strayed from Navigators for a couple of years – came back when I realised that the cover was insufficient for my cruising, and that there really was not a lot of difference in price. I have found a lot of policies tend to be racing biased as opposed to coastal/open sea cruising.

    Claim for stolen outboard was settled promptly without hassle; except for the usual depreciation. Perhaps we should all realise that with the recent drop in SH value we should review the overall insured value regularly!



    Roy I have used the class scheme for 10 years or so. In that time I have claimed twice and both have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

    I dont know how much the association receives per boat insured through the scheme but as long as premiums are similar to competitors in the market I think it’s a good way of getting additional funds into the UKWA coffers.


    Have just renewed my insurance with Firth after a little research and comparison of premiums that concluded this was good value for money.

    Fortunately haven’t had to claim as have only had the boat/policy for a year. Renewal this year simply done via post but when speaking to Firth staff last year found them helpful.

    If UKWA gets commission from Firth then keep it going.

    Phill Petitt, w-9387.


    Just renewed mine with Firth. Good value. I just had a claim with them and like the previous one it was settled very fairly and very rapidly. Even if others are a bit cheaper, I would stick here since I know that the claims will be dealt with ……

    Please keep it


    Checked out the suggested insurance co. though mine isn’t due for renewal till next year. A little more expensive than mine which is through Camping and Caravan Club. Will check again next year though.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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