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    I recently bought a MK. 1 GRP hull, and I am unsure of what the hull number is. There are 2 plates on the centreboard casing, as shown in the photo on flickr: top square plate only has the 2 numbers shown on it, but no indication as to which one the hull number is. Just incase it is hard to see the top number on the square plate is 3070. the bottom number is 5314. The circular plate says at the top on the outside “seal of approval” and at the bottom on the outside “cert. no. 5089” The writing around the centre says “the ship and boatbuilders national federation”.

    The only history I know of the boat is that she was used as a trainer for years at the Tees and Hartlepool yacht club, but has fallen into disrepair. She has the name “Amazon” writen on the bow. If anyone can help me please give me your thoughts!


    The top number is usually the boat/sail number. The other number is the builders number.


    The square plate is the licence plate but which of the two numbers the sail number is, I am not sure, I would have to check, but I am sure one of the other measurers frequenting this forum will know.

    Have you contacted the associations secretary, Sarah Burgess? She keeps records of all measured boats. I am sure she can get you a copy of the original measurement forms and maybe a list of previous owners.
    And while you are at it, ask her for a new certificate in your name. It allows you to participate in class races provided the boat passes its annual buoyancy test. AFAIK a new certificate is free of charge after a change of ownership.

    Colin Parkstone

    By the age synopsis on the Class Web Site, the latest Mk1 GRP boat was measured around 1974 and the numbers then were 4000 plus. So the chances are its the first number, 3070 thats the boat number for your boat. CP

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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