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    The Danish Nationals 2009 will take place 22 – 23 August, 2009. The venue will be Farum Sailing Club North of Copenhagen, all are welcome to participate.

    For location see: http://maps.google.dk/ and key in the search field in the top: Furesoebad 3500 Denmark

    A number of us are planning to go. In part, we know this will be an excellent event, organized to the usual high standard by our Danish colleagues. In part, we would like to promote the 2010 Wayfarer Worlds in Weymouth.

    Depending on the ratio of time / money available there are options around routes to travel and double trailers to allow you to fly directly in and out of nearby Copenhagen Airport.


    Mr Q

    Colin Parkstone

    Oh how that would be a good meeting to go to as they run a good champs
    and have a good line on alcoholic sponsors!!!!!

    Does anyone remember the name of the man who delivered the boats to the Danish Worlds,that may be an option to get boats around???

    Who is thinking of going Mr Q ?

    As for the Worlds 2010 thing,it can only be a good thing for that event to show the flag.

    C P 🙂


    Quentin Strauss
    Martin-Paul Collen
    Michael McKechnie
    Steve Collins
    Colin May!
    We hope others too


    Can’t support this one I’m afraid – clashes with Poole Week !!


    We used http://www.sailboatdeliveries.co.uk who are in Emsworth to get our boats out to Copenhagen in 2007. they were very good


    Let me know if anyone is interested to fly and would be interested in help getting their boats there (no promises, yet).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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