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    As 2008 will see the 50th anniversary of our boat, we wish to celebrate it in style!
    Already we have plans for a Calendar, a new brochure and by no means least, the NEW boat courtesy of Hartleys!

    To help us put together a programme of events, we would welcome members proposals for ways in which UKWA could support any local events you may be planning at your club. We will produce posters, the DVD (already available) and of course the calendar which will be available for orders through Wayfarer News.

    Please post a reply so we can gather your ideas.


    It would be worth getting feedback from the OK class: Their 50th write-up is on Yachts and Yachting this week. Past champions, dinner, speeches from past experts etc.


    I attended the OK 50th and it was an excellent do at UTSC.
    We are looking for a popular Wayfarer venue to put on a similar show. Poole has been suggested and at this stage opf planning, other offers would be appreciated.


    Work permitting I will do my best to support this event with the “big red london bus”


    For the cruising fraternity I suppose a fleet repeat of the Dye’s honeymoon trip to St. Kilda might be a bit extreme.

    However the Tory Island Maritime Film Festival (every June) might be persuaded to include the “Ocean Going Wayfarer” on their programme and this would provide a suitable challenge for seafaring Wayfarers as Ireland’s most remote offshore island.



    we need to make as much as we can of this
    i would like to have a national wayfarer day sometime late june early july
    and circulate clubs to get as many wayfarer’s om the water and then collate the numbers and see how many
    another idea is 50th birthday parties for instance my club in the brecon beacons in wales will host one for west midlands/south wales
    lets have more ideas
    mike glover W23


    @mike glover wrote:

    mike glover W23

    Not fair – your boat’s older than mine 😀


    Hosting the Europeans may be a good event to put on the 50th birthday calender.

    I feel that any mayor event, it should be announced at least a year ahead, preferably two. We should not expect large numbers of participants when an event is announced only two months ahead. With that in mind, there are other events to commemorate:

    – The first production model.
    – The founding of the association.

    Perhaps we should take one of those events as the basis for a 50th anniversary. It surely would buy some extra time for I feel it is already too late to announce a major event for next year.


    It has been decided to hold a 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner at Parkstone Y.C. on Saturday 23rd August 2008. This is the day before the Nationals which will also be held at Parkstone from 24th-29th August.
    Full details will be in the forthcoming edition of Wayfarer News. For those wishing to see more of this lovely area of the south coast of England, there will also be a cruising event prior to the 23rd. Details are now being worked on.


    I helped organise the Enterprise 50 Year anniversary celebrations in 2006 and we had a great year. We kicked the year off at the Dinghy Show in Ally Pally with two boats on the stand – a classic wooden boat and a state of the art FRP Speed Enterprise.

    It would send out a very positive message if we could have a classic wooden Wayfarer at the 2008 Dinghy Show (is W1 still around?) alongside a Hartley FRP Wayfarer. It would demonstrate a class that celebrates its history, but is also looking forward to the future.

    Roy Burnham wrote:
    As 2008 will see the 50th anniversary of our boat, we wish to celebrate it in style!
    Already we have plans for a Calendar, a new brochure and by no means least, the NEW boat courtesy of Hartleys!

    We have tried to get W1 but logistics worked against us. Instead we plan to use W68 Blue Chiffon which used to be owned by Dick Notley and is therefore well known. It is also in good condition and resides at UTSC so logistics are straightforward.
    The Class Association Stand will celebrate our 50th and is located next to Hartleys so the old/new comparison will be very evident!
    We hope to have an excellent turnout at the Stand, especially on AGM Day.
    See you there!


    Will a new Hartley be on the UKWA stand?


    We only have room for 1 boat so we have chosen an old woodie. We have requested a position next to Hartleys so we can refer enquiries easily.

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