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    Hi, we are about to put our MArk II on a drying (and muddy) saltwater mooring (River Stour). Apart from launching and marking it myself is anyone please able to suggest an appropriate water line for anti fouling application. Any other advice on antifouling generally also very welcome. Many thanks. Adam



    I have just completed the task of antifouling my mk 2 for the same type of mooring in yours , i have copied some measurements from another wayfarer and they have prooved to be rather good , PM me your e-mail address and i shall send you them , also another good idea is to use antifoul primer , any way , PM me if you still need them


    Have look here: WIT

    Reading your posting sent shivers up my spine. Putting anti-fouling on a Wayfarer is like cursing in a church! Your boat will loose value instantly. Leaving it on a salty mooring isn’t a good idea either. The GRP will get water logged making the boat heavier. And make no mistake we are talking tens of kilo’s. Specially older boats will develop blisters or worse de-laminate due to osmosis. I have seen rotten keel beams (made of wood) due to water ingress on boats left on a mooring. This too will reduce the value of your boat, not to mention worsen its sailing characteristics. Finally the rocking on a mooring (24/7 !) will have an effect on the boat too. I hope your cleats have strong counter plates to cope with the stresses caused by the continues movement. A Wayfarer is not designed to be kept on a mooring.

    I know from experience how easy it is to get a Wayfarer in and out, just get yourself a decent trolley. Keeping her in a dinghy park keeps her in a better shape and she will remain a light weight lady. She is easier to rig and easier to maintain and she doesn’t need expensive anti-fouling, that needs to be re-done every few years and is impossible to remove without damaging the boat. Your boat will keep its value and she will be a much better sailing boat, giving you much pleasure for years to come.

    Keeping a W on a mooring; bad idea!
    Anti-fouling: money better spend on a trolley.

    But its a free world, now that I have said my piece, I hope you will enjoy your Wayfarer just as much as I enjoy mine, regardless if she is on a mooring or not.


    I would like to know why we have a waterline painted on our boats? I know this might be some thing obvious to some, but not me.
    I have recently painted my boat and I did have one on it but have not bothered to redo it. Am I committing a sin? 😆



    It makes our boats look better. It looks slimmer and faster. But it is all in the mind. Does War-paint on his face make a native American fight better?


    It might have done Swiebertje if they had had Wayfarers instead of canoes


    They look a lot better with a waterline, I’m going to take measurements from my friends boat and put a waterline on my boat.

    Dave Barker

    Does a ring of brown-ish scum count as a waterline?


    Ton has given the link above for the waterline method
    here it is in longhand:
    who knows – maybe they got this data by measuring the line of brown scum!

    Clearly there is a time-on-mooring factor: I left my woodie on a mooring for a week this summer – it hasn’t come to any harm that I can detect – I reasoned it was no worse than going on a cruise!


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