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    Hi, and thanks for making room for me. I’m based at Trent Valley SC on the River Trent near Long Eaton in Derbyshire. I’ve sailed rented Wayfarers whilst holidaying but I hope to be adding one of my own to the TVSC fleet at some point, probably much to the disgust of the Merlin Rocket pilots 😀 We’ve one Wayfarer in the fleet at the moment that doesn’t see much water and there’s another just up the river which belongs to the scouts. This riccoches round the river at weekends with novices at the helm and provides a stimulating level of random risk on crowded sunny Sunday racing days 😈

    Since our Commodore bought a full Thames “A Rater” last year (24′ long) the club’s feelings about larger dinghies have probably softened and a second half Rater has just joined it, so ‘big is back’ on our stretch of waters. Once upon a time the Trent would have been full of boats around the 20′ mark, but I digress…

    My interests probably straddle the racing and cruising camps: I’m looking to be able to hold my own in handicap club racing (accepting that I’ve no hope in hell against the Rater) but also to be able to holiday at the coast in some level of comfort – maybe even try a spot of cruising? Will I find such a craft? You tell me, but the Wayfarer seems such a versatile boat I am sure there must be a strong compromise in terms of model and set-up.

    Looking forward to greater involvement with the scene. Happy sailing to you all

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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