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    Dave Barker

    This post is on behalf of Boris, who writes “This is just a brief note to cruisers to flag up a local and rather frightening weather pattern which we experienced on our recent cruise.  Later conversations with locals confirmed that this is a known issue, but it does not appear in the pilot books. Winds from the SE will be INTENSIFIED in the “lee” of the Paps of Jura (and it seems off the similar mountains on the north-east corner of Islay). Please be aware if you are planning to sail clockwise around the bottom of Jura and into Loch Tarbert the wind should be expected to rise at last 2 notches on the Beaufort Scale as you sail north, and will remain intensified into Glenbatrick Bay.

    We think we experienced a thoroughly alarming F7 – 8 in this situation and would have preferred a glorious deep reach over to Colonsay in a F4 – 5 instead…

    You have been warned.

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