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    To introduce ourselves, John, Claire and Thomas have just bought W9040 through Ian Porter.

    I previously raced and sailed dinghies from the mid-1970’s to mid 1980’s in the Channel Islands and the South Coast (Shearwater Cats, Osprey’s, Enterprise’s and Wayfarer’s) and then crewed on a cruiser based in Fareham Creek from mid ‘80’s to 90’s but nothing since. Claire and Thomas have never sailed but we decided we needed a family hobby and sailing it is.

    Thinking about joining Highcliffe Sailing Club, Mudeford, Christchurch. I was bought up in that area and know it well. It is also convenient for us, being only about 45 minutes from home. Walking round the HSC dinghy park the other weekend, we saw a number of Wayfarer’s. Do any UKWSA members sail from HSC? We will also get some training locally for one very rusty former dinghy sailor and 2 ab initio’s.

    W9040 seems to have survived life well since Ian’s Company built her in 1991 and overall, is in good condition. From what Ian could ascertain from the previous owner, she had been stored under hard cover for about the last 5 years. For us she is ideally rigged for family use.

    When we come closer to sailing her in the spring, I hope I can pick the brains of UKWA members as I try and get the grey matter churning again.



    Welcome to the UKWA. You have picked the ultimate family dinghy, fun to race and big enough to fit you all in plus a picnic and maybe a dog!!. My name is Simon and I run the “UKWA Gathering” Ullswater at the end of August, if you fancy a week away with like minded people and using the boats for really heavy duty sailing ( we go to the pub, a cream tea, picnics, rounders) let me know and I will send you some information.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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