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    Jerome FR – W447

    I love your original handles!


    Ian W371

    Hi Steve,

    Very interesting reading and useful thread indeed. I own W371 and have been rectifying a few issues I’ve encountered since purchase and since recently sailing her for the first time. I’ve just started a thread on this site concerning a leak I have into the fwd buoyancy chamber. Once back on her trailer I could see water dripping back out through the join between bottom panel and keel at the point of the turn into the stem. Currently there is a 6″ long bead of sealant running along that joint, presumably an attempt by a previous owner to resolve the problem, which hasn’t. I plan to scrape back in the area, rake out the old sealant and see what’s there, or not there, as the case may be. If I can get away with it for the rest of this season I plan to run a fillet of thickened epoxy along the joint line and then address properly this winter (if I need to replace paneling/hog or keel timber). Just trying to get my head around the actual assembly in this area, does the lower edge of the bottom panels rebate into the keel or do they join with the hog on a beveled edge and the keel sits over the top like a cap?

    Also during your post you make reference to a Wayfarer build manual. I have Mike Smiths “Wayfarer Restore” article and I have since found WayfarerAssemblyManual_2. Is either of these publications what you are referring to or is there another source of information I could gather on the Wayfarer, to help me plan any future work on the boat?


    Many Thanks


Viewing 2 posts - 106 through 107 (of 107 total)
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