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    Steve W76

    Hi there, here goes with my first post. I am in the process of restoring W76, a 1959 build. The boat has an interesting past, as it’s first owner (and builder) appears to be Mr Stanley Dickson instigator of the “Dickson Wayfarer Trophy” at Aldeburgh YC. During the early to mid 60’s it got a new owner up until a couple of years back when I became the third. W76 had fallen into a state a poor repair and was destined for the tip when I came to the rescue. ( Thank you, Suzie VO if you are reading). So, with a delayed retirement, and other life events, I now am making progress with the restoration.

    So, questions. W76 had a solid hardwood sided centreboard case, not quite like any other that I have seen and not quite like the original design of plywood sides supported with a wooden frame. Was this an option? Has anyone else seen one like it? I note on W76’s measurement certificate, she is 20 KG over minimum weight. Could this extra weight of wood be the reason? Should I replace like for like (my preferred option to maintain originality)  or should I go the plywood way? If I do go the plywood way, what thickness are the original centreboard casings made of?

    I am trying to upload a photo or two, but am having no success.


    Web Team

    Hi Steve,

    Sorry about the photo-related difficulties. As a temporary workaround please feel free to e-mail any photos to me (contact details on menu) and I’ll add them for you. This may well resolve itself now that you’ve posted once, but I’m not certain of this…

    Incidentally, I’m doing a similar job on W774, or at least I will be, so we’ll have to stay in touch. More later…

    Dave Barker

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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