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    Hi, i have just bought mk1 woody 653. This is my first wayfarer, in fact my first boat.
    I have been learning to sail on the Solent and will mainly be day-sailing her there.
    Before she goes in the water I have a few jobs to do.

    Does anybody know anything about the boat, I am interested in its history.

    I cannot post a picture here, can anybody tell me how to do this?

    George age 12


    W653 was originally called Taurus and later Bobbin. First owner R. Wooler of Colwyn Bay SC. Built by Moores of Wroxham Feb/March 1963 and measured By D Howell 17-3-63. I got this information from her measurement form, of which I have an electronic copy. I would be happy to send you a copy by email if you like. My email is


    Hi John,

    Thank you very much for replying to my post.

    I am glad to learn some more about my boats history.

    I would be interested to see the form you have and I will send you an E-Mail

    Many Thanks

    George 🙂


    George, welcome to Wayfarering!

    Maybe some of the forum members miossed the detail that you are a youngster; 12 years old. How I wish that I had discoverered sailing and Wayfarers in particular at your age and I congratulate you for becoming a boat owner at so early an age.

    Well done Mum and Dad also for getting you started and we look forward to hearing about your adventures with W653.


    Kez W4137


    I have managed to attach a picture of her now 🙂

    Thanks Mike for the warm welcome to wayfarering!, since I have bought the boat the welcome has been brilliant.

    I am going to use this topic to post pictures and my beginners questions on her restoration


    [attachment=0:jqwqz4nf]Capture 1.JPG[/attachment:jqwqz4nf]


    My first question.


    This appears to be the ply lifting, the deck seems strong and underneath is fine.

    I have a similar patch on my aft deck, what do I need to do about this? (I would prefer to avoid replacing the deck at this stage)



    Hi George
    like you: my first boat is a woodie, but I’ve left it rather late in life – til 45 in fact!
    I’ve found this forum a fount of information and help so far
    if you look on the technical part of the forum you’ll see a thread where I asked about good resources for repairing/restoring a woodie – there were some good suggestions as to books, all of which were obtainable from amazon or download

    how did you attach a photo? – I wanted to to the other day and ended up writing a short novel instead!

    Boris (W6330)


    Nothing much you can do apart from replacing the damaged section…cover with varnish buy a nice red and do it next year. Once you start removing the laminates then it’s time to re-deck.


    Thank you for the advice, I think I will re-deck her next winter and just use her lightly this season.

    Luckily the Foredeck is fine so I will not need to replace that 🙂



    @Andrew Morrice wrote:

    how did you attach a photo? – I wanted to to the other day and ended up writing a short novel instead!

    Have you tried clicking on the FAQ button at the top of this page?
    There is lots of other eye candy available on this BBS 😛 It is all in the FAQ section :mrgreen:


    It was Mao Tse Tung , who in a Churchillian mood and with cognac in hand said “Every long journey begins with a small step”…enjoy your boat,give her plenty of time to get to know you, then slowly get to work on her….sounds like a trip to Vegas.

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