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    W653 was launched last weekend after 2 years restoration and re-decking. Nearly every part of the boat has had a thorough overhaul.

    Thanks to everyone who has given me advice, its been really helpful!

    I am planning to do an article for the next wayfarer news showing her restoration.

    Looking forward to using her more next season and getting to know her. 😀

    Some pictures of her below:

    [attachment=2:37gwijgt]653 1.JPG[/attachment:37gwijgt]

    [attachment=1:37gwijgt]653 2.JPG[/attachment:37gwijgt]

    [attachment=0:37gwijgt]653 3.JPG[/attachment:37gwijgt]


    Maybe it’s some kind of a heresy to say so here, but I’d suggest putting the report on web, not just in the magazine…
    All the best,


    Well done, there’s a huge satisfaction of getting sailing after a long restoration.

    Two years may seem a long time but nothing compared with my epic, and the thrill is still there every time she gets wind in her sails 8)

    I’ll keep a look out for you when heading up Southampton Water

    Colin Parkstone

    Well done George, all your hard work puts you and your boat on the water.
    Having met you and seen your enthusiasm for your boat i feel this will only be the start of many successful projects for you in the future.
    Enjoy this one, sail often so as to get the payback from all your very hard work and congratulations!


    Thanks for the comments!

    Will write up her “story” as soon as I can.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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