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    Hat and Phil have been sailing Jaffa for the last couple of years.

    We’re based out of Shirehampton Sailing Club in Bristol.
    Towards the end of the Avon, just upstream of the M5 crossing, so lots of tide to play with.

    Last summer we ventured a little further and sailed from Exmouth, along the Jurassic Coast and finished at Poole.
    We had a wonderful reception from the guys in Starcross and Parkstone, providing great help at the start and end of our journey.
    Thanks again to any of you who might be on the UKWA forum.

    Hoping to get a bit more coastal cruising under our belts this year.


    Phil Ridland


    Stop teasing and submit a report of that trip Phil



    you were most welcome!

    I am almost as in awe of your journey from the Exe to Poole as I am of your cycle ride back to the west country with the headwinds you had for the ride!!!

    If you ever plan to come back (maybe to go the other way out of the Exe – Start Point might not be the challenge of Portland Bill but can still be interesting), you would be very welcome!

    Aidan (from Starcross Yacht Club)

    Sea Lancer

    Hi Phil
    Saw the name Jaffa and remembered the mad couple who visited last year! Hope you are both well and will come back and see us at PYC.
    Regards also to your dad and tell him it’s his round! Happy Cruising


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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