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    I am Norwegian, but moved to the UK (Norfolk Broads) some 6 years ago.  I had a 34ft sailing yacht in Norway, but sold it as just would be a bit much for these waters, and with now a young family. (Although miss it to bits…)

    My wife was insisting that I should transfer my skills and hobby to our children, so I started looking for something “suitable” for Broads sailing.  Initially a trailable keel boat, but looking at smaller and smaller boats…After a viewing of another boat, which really did not go well…I talked to a father and son, and upon my description of what I was after suggested “Why don’t you just get a Wayfarer”.  Some investigations, and realising that there were several of them for sale locally I went to look at the closest one for sale (literally down the road).  I was really after a GRP version, but this woody appeared to be in good condition.  And…I just could not resist the beautiful Mahogany…

    It has since been stored in the shed.  Aim is to get it on the water for the first time this Easter!

    I don’t expect us to use it very much, but like to have the option when the conditions are just right.




    Dave Barker

    Hi Gisle. Welcome to UKWA and the Forum!

    Your boat sounds lovely and you’re in a great location for sailing (when the conditions are just right!)

    Andrew Morrice

    Go for it Gisle!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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