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    ‘No Disgrace’ is a composite MKI boat dating from about 1974. Originally named ‘Yours is No Disgrace’ after the ‘Yes’ song, she won the Wayfarer Worlds in the USA in 1976. I’ve owned her since late 2008 and sail her out of Stornoway, mostly pottering around the harbour but in the right weather venturing further out into the Minch and along the coast.
    The boat was racing spec when I bought her and I’ve made a few modifications: replaced the wire main halyard with a rope and cleat; installed rowlocks; installed foam buoyancy in the aft tank; removed the spinnaker bags; installed centreboard leading-edge protection strip; added a small jib to the sail wardrobe; and perhaps most useful of all, had two rows of reefs put in the main, and adapted the boom with a neat reefing system using internal lines led to the gooseneck.

    I usually singlehand but will sail with one or two other people if I can find anybody to come with me 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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