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    Hi everybody. I am now the proud owner of W2599, a Mk1 GRP Wayfarer, which I bought recently from the previous owners in Dorset.

    I am a new sailor, having caught the sailing bug from friends and colleaugues. I plan to learn in the Wayfarer, and do some family cruising around the Bristol Channel area, maybe some inland sailing as well. Longer term, my aim is to have a large enough cruiser to take the family on longer trips (eg France, Ireland). Family consists of: Wife, children – 10, 7, 3, baby on the way! Hopefully by the time we get to a bigger boat, my son (10) will be old enough and competent enough to crew well for me.

    I realise I have bought the boat at completely the wrong time of year (was planning on a sail yesterday, but cancelled due to bad weather!), but I couldn’t wait until Spring!

    We live in Newport, South Wales, and the boat is now residing in the Dinghy area of Newport Usk Sailing Club, which has a gathering dinghy following, I understand (waiting for my membership to be confirmed).

    Initially, I will be going out with one of my competent sailing friends – if not with me in my boat, nearby in theirs, probably with my 10 year old, who is excited as me about the whole thing.

    Looking forward to enjoying my Wayferer….


    Dave Barker

    Well done Pete! I don’t think this is such a bad time to get a boat; you can spend time checking gear and starting to get things sorted out if the weather isn’t suitable for sailing. Good luck with W2599!


    Sailing the Bristol Channel – you will of course want to book a place on next years Cruising Conference and Tidal training.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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