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    First Hi all,

    I purchased W10597 a few months ago, She now Named Myst, registered ssr and will be heading out on a long Cruise next year.
    She was built in Dec 08, by Hartley’s,then kitted out and sold by Ian Porter, being sailed only once, and then spent the next 4 years sitting in a boat yard, She even came with a 4 year old outboard, that had never been in the water. I have now restored her to sailing condition, I Had to replace both super shute 90 bailers, and do a few minor jobs.

    I could use some help with rigging setup for the spinnaker, all the fittings are there, but no lanyards have been rigged (mast has two attached 1 short 5mm and a second 4mm long one that I think is for deploy and retrieve).

    I will admit to never having sailed with a spinnaker.

    Keep your eyes on the forum for more information shortly.

    Good job fixing the forum John.



    Welcome on board

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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