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    Congratulations to the editors, another issue that will be read front to back a few times. A collectors item!

    Please allow me to suggest to give this years “best cruising log” trophy to the W-magazine editors who not only added their own log but managed to present all other cruising logs in a beautiful and professional way, adding graphics and value to the stories.

    A big thanks to the editors and writers!

    Dave Bevan

    Haven’t received my copy yet, but based on your comments I’m waiting in anticipation. Hopefully it’ll come in time to brighten a business trip next week.

    Dave Bevan

    My copy came yesterday. Having sailed with Nick Hodshon on a Sunsail ‘round the Island’ race, I especially enjoyed his report on the Poole Nationals.


    My copy has just arrived and I would definitely echo the above comments and thanks to all involved in producing such a quality publication. I will make it one of my NY resolutions to have a go at doing a write up of one of our future adventures.



    Duly noted Jonathan. It’s nice to have a volunteer that hasn’t been press ganged.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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