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    Storing a Wayfarer upside down outside during the winter is something I’ve read about in a couple of articles. Does anyone have detailed knowledge of how best this is achieved..i.e what to rest the boat on and exactly which points to ensure no damage? 2 or 3 trestles? Also how best to cover the hull? I tend to think, although I may be wrong, that one needs to remove the mast first?


    Just sit it on some old tyres and it’ll be fine. Support it under the aft deck and around the bulkhead.
    I would certainly advise removing the mast!! Store it separately, supported so that it is not sagging or bending.

    Colin Parkstone

    Do not cover the hull with anything close fitting, leave an air gap to ventilate . Keep wet covers away from a hull.

    The two transom corners are strong to rest a hull on and just rear of the bow fitting at the front. A long trestle across the deck near the transom and i would keep away from the fordeck.

    As for the mast, I find the best thing is to dig a 8mt hole in the ground and put the mast in it with the boat above it!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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