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    Hi all
    Thought I would contribute with a demo of just how easy it is to get photos on the new improved website (hoping to lure others of you to do the same!)(The first time I tried this I clicked upload picture, but did not know where it went…….it had gone to “gallery”……..but if you stay in that window and scroll to the bottom of the page you will find the options you need).
    As a family day sailor by and large (ie water taxi to sandy beaches) thought I’d share a couple of favourites from a lake south of Bordeaux.
    And as a little extra detail……..it is the same lake where the boat got struck by lightning (we saw the storm coming, outboarded to the side and about 20 mins later the boat got a direct strike 30 yards from us……only damage was to blow off the burgee and scare us bigtime…….I’m sure we’d be dead if we hadn’t got off the lake). Suffice to say we are going back this year………cautiously!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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