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    I want to do an my first overnight trip and fancy doing it on the Tamar and then heading up the Lynher for a quiet spot of onboard camping. Does anyone have any top tips for spots to stop? I would be prefer an easy beaching or buoy as I don’t trust my grapnel for anchoring overnight. I have stayed at Dandy Hole in a cruiser but I know from the angle we ended up at that when it dries it’s very uneven. Has anyine tried Wacker Lake?

    Any suggestions most welcome



    Sorry I have no direct experience of the Tamar region (yet). I assume you are based around there, but have you thought of joining a rally to get some experience of boat-tenting in company with others?
    There are several boat-tenting rallies in the programme this year, eg Milford Haven, Bristol Channel, Norfolk Broads, Suffolk Rivers, Farne Islands, etc.
    Let us know how you get on!
    John Phillips
    Cruising Sec.


    Hi Martyn
    I am no expert having only done two nights afloat and I don’t know the Tamar so my motive is to learn here. My only thought would be get an anchor that you can trust as it will allow you the flexibility to change your plans at the last second eg you find your idyllic peaceful planned anchorage chock a block with party lovin’ yachties / teenagers or the wind direction is such you would be bobbing about all night. I looked at Bob’s list for equipment for the Milford Haven rally (see the link in the posting …..awesome cruise) and saw he has a 10lb plough, which is a serious anchor! the Wayfarer handbook advocates a 5lb Danforth, CQR like a plough, or a Bruce, + 2metres chain. Obviously it depends what ground you are anchoring in but (subject to budget) I would get/borrow a 6lb Danforth type or plough………..its a worthy investment and peace of mind is a wonderful thing …(boat jumble?).. I agree about folding grapnels (maybe okay for a picnic)……….how heavy is it?…….keep it as a secondary. Have a good one whatever. Cheers Dave

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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