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    So I was thinking that during all this bad weather, I might do a bit of light repair work to the hull. I thought I might knock up a couple of tressles to support the lady upside down. Yes I know I will have to remove the mast.
    Has anyone tried this before or could give me some tips on suitable tressle construction? In fact is there anything wrong with storing a W upside down for the winter anyway? Look at it this way Swiebertje, it might distract you a little and may even calm the nerves after watching Denmark footie.

    Dave Barker

    I can recommend some trestles – have a look at a youtube video by a guy on where he makes “shopdogs” – they’re folding trestles. I made a set of three for my little piano workshop, but for a Wayfarer I reckon four would be better (if you have room for them). There are of course loads of other trestle plans available but there was something about the shopdogs that appealed to me.

    (24 hours later) – on reflection I think 3 would be just right for a Wayfarer.


    Thanks Dave,
    What an interesting site, and I agree the trestles look good and very versatile.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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