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    I note that the link to the latest National Circuit Series Results on the main website was not working on my computer. The results showing the top 11 potential qualifiers are also posted on the Y&Y site. See

    Son Peter and I went for a practice sail at Datchet SC last Sunday in 10739 Grey Fox to see if we could remember what we learnt together at Weymouth (we did OK). We have two more practice sessions booked in and hope to see the benefit at Bough Beech.

    Hopefully Simon Winn will be organising a dinner at a local Pub on the Saturday evening.

    We are expecting a good turnout and some great sailing. Please post a reply here to confirm whether you are coming or to post your excuses!




    It is with regret that I have to inform you that I am unable to take part in the Bough Beech Finale, an event which I haven’t missed in many a year. As our latest grand-daughter decided to make her first appearance last November, there is a three-line whip on my attendance at her first birthday party on 13th November. Hopefully, I may be able to escape in future years, though this may be only wishful thinking!!
    Brian Lamb


    Excuse accepted! Any others?


    Colin Parkstone

    How about I go instead of you Brian as I live close to the kids and also LOVE jelly.

    Then you can go sailing in the cold !

    CP 😉


    Thanks for the offer, Colin, but you’re thinking of numbers 7 and 9 – Daisy is grandchild number 10 and she lives in Welwyn Garden Village, not Christchurch!

    Colin Parkstone

    Thwarted ! No jelly for me then !
    Welwyn Garden Village ? Has the City been shrunk by the kids Brian ?
    CP 😉


    We now have a ‘Wayfarer Sailing’ page on Facebook and Quentin, Michael McKechnie, and Martin Collen have confirmed their attendance at Bough Beech. I also understand that Michael MacNamara is coming and will be trying out some new sails.

    In the meantime, Tony Cooper, Scott Hamilton and I are continuing our warm up at Datchet SC tomorrow (Sunday). Scott is looking for a crew if anyone is available? Should be a nice day with gentle winds.



    Regrets but Sue and I won’t be there. We have paid for RYA Yachtmaster shore based course which clashes and Bough Beech is a long way for us to travel for a weekend. Look forward to meeting everyone at Ally Pally in March. Meanwhile we are thoroughly enjoying annoying the Merlin/Phantom and RS 400 hotshots at our home club. Whoever gave us 1101 as a PY has made handicap racing a bit embarrassing at times! Enjoy while it lasts, got a few more trophies to pick up at the Annual dinner 😈 which speaks volumes for the class. Everyone blames the boat because it can’t be the helm…. :mrgreen:
    Yours aye

    Colin Parkstone

    How unkind of them Liam !! They know that the Wayfarer is an old mans boat but they should also know that ” You can’t teach an old dog,new tricks “
    CP 🙂


    Wayfarers are also dominating the fast handicap fleet at Datchet SC – first three boats on Sunday.

    Latest helms to sign up on the ‘Wayfarer Sailing’ page for Bough Beech are Phil Stacey and Bill Whitney.

    Scott Hamilton and Tony Cooper are looking for crews for Bough Beech.



    It was very cold at Bough Beech! The Race Office managed to get one race in very light winds on Saturday. Then he (correctly) kept the fleet on the water until the wind filled in at about 12:00 noon on Sunday. We then had three good back-to-back races in a freshening breeze.


    1 88 Martin Collen UTSC
    2 10648 Michael McNamara NBYC
    3 9558 Dave Roberts BBSC
    4 10609 Richard Stone MYC
    5 8888 Graham Barker NBYC
    6 10741 Tim Rush RYA
    7 10717 Gordon Harris WSC
    8 10688 Bill Whitney SSC
    9 10680 John Goudie SSC
    10 10739 Steve Collins MYC
    11 10618 Quentin Strauss UTSC
    12 10710 Michael McKechnie SSC
    13 10727 Tony Cooper DSC
    14 8848 Brian McKenzie MYC
    15 9416 Scott Hamilton DSC
    16 7470 Peter Kershaw BBSC
    17 10570 Ian Richards GMSC
    18 8595 Simon Winn BBSC
    19 9494 Elliot Marks BBSC
    20 10687 Simon Hope MRSC
    21 7497 Robert Parnham BVSC
    22 8962 Nick Martin BBSC
    23 6467 Nick Leng Smith BBSC
    24 10068 Roy Bushell BBSC

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