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    Well done John, Jenny, David and numerous other helpers for an exceptionally well prepared event. The fact it didn’t happen as planned and we went for a plan B is actually testimony to the great lengths taken and seamanlike judgement on behalf of these dedicated organisers. We hope we can go for it again next year, confident that we will have great support and a most experienced team behind us for this monumental event now back on the calendar.

    Good call on the initial abandonment – everyone we spoke to said so, and a good backup sail.

    We know at least some of our club’s keelboats, rallying at Bembridge same day, diverted from south of the island to the Solent. Just one of those days.

    Thanks again
    “Windrush” and “Dorothy” crews

    Lymington Town SC


    When doing talks and teaching Day Sailing / Long distance dinghy cruising, I tell students that there are 6 Abilities you must have : 1 The Ability to stop 2 The ability to Reduce Sail in a balanced way 3 Alternative propulsion 4 Know where you are 5 Be able to call for assistance 6 BE BRAVE ENOUGH NOT TO GO.
    Last weekend after months of planning, meetings and organisation John & Jenny together with a very friendly yet professional Team demonstrated how important all of those 6 things are. We were met and greeted like old friends, and then as the wind howled round us our equipment and boat were subject to a very rigorous but fair safety check. We were given a very thorough briefing and the following morning the event was cancelled,regardless of the distance travelled by participants ( A lady had come from Brussels) every one I spoke to was in full agreement that it was not safe and the decision was correct.
    Later as we all had a super sail up Southampton water this was reinforced by the numerous conversations heard on the VHF of yachts not leaving harbours, others changing their plans and the Coast Guard thanking a Lifeboat for the rescue of a dismasted yacht with its crew of 2 and finally as we drove away the Coast Guard helicopter was assisting someone out in the Solent.
    Jenny, John & Team THANK YOU.
    David & Simon


    John and Jenny and Team . I would like to also join in thanking you for an excellently organised event. Being new to the crusing scene it was a great excersice to get Moody Blue prepared for the trip. Phil and I were fortunate to have a plan “C” and spent the weekend on a 43 footer. We sailed down to the Needles and whilst looking at the 2.5 to 3m swell and wind speeds of 28 knots we agreed that it was a place not to be in a Wayfarer.
    Frustratiingly the following weekend was perfect. But thats sailing.!!!!

    Many thanks

    Paul Hughes
    Moody Blue 8383 😀

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