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    I have read the previous posts in this section and also P50 and 51 of the Wayfarer Book and still have some very basic questions.
    From P50 Para. 2.
    “Check the mast foot track and then offer up the mast using the mast pivot pin.”
    Should the mast step limit bolt be out at this stage?
    “The mast foot track when the mast is upright should first take the weight of the mast so the pivot pin can be withdrawn easily.”
    Is it important that the pin should be 6mm diameter?
    What are the size of the holes in the tabernacle? Mine appear to be a little worn.
    Should shims be necessary to raise the mast foot track are they metal or wood?
    “Then at deck level measure and fit spacers to the boat so that the mast is a tight fit sideways in the mast tabernacle.”
    This has been covered in other posts but is there any particular depth to the spacers?
    On Page 50 there is a picture P20. This shows washers on the pivot pin between the mast and tabernacle. They do not appear to be a tight fit.
    Are they necessary?
    On Page 51 the measurements from the top of the mast to the black band and traveller rail are explained under a rig tension of 150kg.
    I presume that these measurements are taken with the mast track limit pin out.

    Colin Parkstone

    Notice you got no answers so here goes, i do not have the book so cannot refer to the pages you mention.

    I would put the mast foot track pin in to start with and maybe leave out the pivot pin,do all your setting and see if the pivot pin goes into the tabernacle and mast.

    If you have jib tension lever or pulley box put the heel to the mast track pin always as that will be where you will want to be when sailing and setting up.

    6mm pin gives you more movement around the pivot pin,ie chocks and mast bend. you dont want the pin binding when sailing.

    Tabernacle whole size 16mm max. make new plates with 16mm holes in
    and screw to side of king post,follow rules.

    Shims are often used when a new mast is fitted to an older boat,watch the height from the sheer for the pivot holes then lift the mast track to the pivot hole.

    Mast side and front spacers to fit the gap but still the mast must be able to move ?

    Washers,I dont bother but tape the rings up so as to not rip the spi.

    Measurements, Have the pin in.

    Hope that helps, Well a bit anyway!!!

    C P 😕 Yes David Your right! Sorry.



    16mm pin gives you more movement around the pivot pin,ie chocks and mast bend. you dont want the pin binding when sailing.

    Isn’t it a 6mm pin?



    Thanks for the help Colin.
    When I received no reply I began to search about and then attempt to set up the rigging. I used Paul Wren’s guide and also found a copy quoted and expanded on by Michael McNamara on a Yachts and Yachting site.
    Regarding my initial question regarding the mast foot track and the pin it became clear that the pin should remain in. In fact the position of the pin at the rear of the track needed no adjustment. My pulpit pin was 10mm diameter so I used a 6 inch nail which had a diameter of 6mm when I carried out my adjustments.
    I picked up the suggestion to sikaflex in the ply adjusters at the sides of the mast but initially I stuck them in with duck tape. I think I made the adjusters about 50mm deep which seemed to fit the top part of the pulpit.
    I then posted a question on the Racing Forum on 18 March and your reply together with the other contributions plus Michael’s article have pointed me in the right direction regarding prebend and the use of ply chocks at the front of the mast.

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