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    I need to replace my launching trolley at last as it has been annoying me ever since I bought it locally ten years ago. It regularly graunches my nicely faired keel, but thankfully it is now rusting and I can now justify buying a new one.

    What make would anyone recommend? Sovreign, Rapide, West Mersea or anything else? Quality and fit for my nice wooden Wayfarer are more important than cost.

    Thanks, John

    Colin Parkstone

    I am about to order a Rapide Combi, think its the best one for the Wayfarer.

    I hope to be getting them to make me the type that Ian designed some years back after the Super C, fits well and has a well made feel to it!

    They have been around for some time and I still have the base that came with 9068, 1989 I think! So they must be pretty good?

    The trolley is a secondhand one I got when the last one rusted, they do as they are in the water more than a base unless,like me you spend a day at Datchet.

    Your have to ask me about that one,I’m not telling that story on line??

    What is the base you have John,will your new trolley fit the base?

    CP 🙂


    Thank you for your reply Colin. I am not sure what make my road base is. It is old, possibly original to the boat – 1982; but it is good condition with 10″ wheels, newish bearings and suspension units. By doing some research on the internet, I think that it might be a Sovreign base, so I have sent them an email at Welsh Harp to see if they can confirm that and give me a price for a new trolley. I will obviously check that it would fit before buying.

    Happy New Year, John


    If you have no luck with Sovreign you might consider having a replacement trolley made from scratch.

    I had the same problem a few years ago and found a local fabricator who used the old trolley and base as a template then got the result dipped. The old handle and chocks were re-used. Only cost a couple of hundred and has put off the expense of a complete combi for another few years.


    Andy Leigh runs the chandlery at Burghfield Sailing Club (open on Sundays, just near the M4 J12). He races RS400’s and makes trolleys and trailers of all shapes and sizes.
    He sails, knows what is needed, and will make you exactly what you want.

    See: email us @
    office tel: 01635-874515
    mobile VKL : 07774-199680
    mobile AJL : 07831-618529 – trailer enquiries



    I am also about to buy a trailer and, after reading your comment of 1st January, I am inclined to buy a Rapide. Could you let us know if it’s as good as expected? Also an exact spec that Rapide will recognise so as to have it the same as yours. How was their delivery time?

    Best Wishes,

    Mike Spathaky
    Arctic Tern

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