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    Hello, I have just acquired a lovely Mk IV.

    On my old Mk 2 I screwed a varnished mahogany strip across the top of the transom where the main sheet track was before I converted to centre main and a bridle, to protect the GRP from being eaten by the boom when raising/ lowering the main.

    I could use another piece of wood but the Mk IV does not have timber anywhere else, I was wondering about gluing a hard plastic strip or across the top of the transom. Has anyone else done anything to protect this edge and what did you use?


    Andrew Morrice

    I’d go for some padding on the boom (grey dense foam or carpet) covering the last 4 – 5 inches, or a topping lift.

    The topping lift helps cruisers to reef without the boom dropping into the boat, which is why I have one, but it does also make setting up less of a bangy business.


    Boris W6330 Delphy




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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