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    I have also posted a note on this topic in the UKWA forum but, as not all readers may have access to it, I am repeating it here. (On UKWA there has been a debate on whether or not, with the advent of the new Hartley version of the Wayfarer, transom flaps are legal for racing).

    I have a Mk 2 SD which is a beast to right after a capsize and I want to retrofit transom flaps. I am less concerned about whether or not use of flaps while racing is allowed and more worried about keeping the boat as a whole legitimate. (Any race I capsized it in I ended up retiring anyhow because I was out of time!). But I would still like reassurance that they now can be used.

    I have a vague idea of how this might be done. I imagine it would involve glassing or epoxying in 4.5 inch tubes through the aft bouyancy compartment and making openings in the transom and attaching the flaps as normal. Does anyone else have any ideas? IS there a kit?
    Gerry Byrne

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