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    The notes on Richard Seabrook’s presentation to the 2016 Cruising  Conference contain a mine of useful information. However I was uncertain about the figure of 200kg total trailed weight for the Wayfarer, was this just the weight of the boat? When we downsized from a Primera to a Polo we put the boat and trailer on a weighbridge and found the all-up weight was 465kg, just over the 450kg maximum  for the Polo. By taking out the anchor and chain and a few other bits we got the weight down to the target.

    Needless to say the 1.4CL Polo and our current I.6 Corolla both pulled the boat and trailer without any anxious moments.

    Dave Barker

    Hi Nick – 200kg was definitely only the boat. The trolley and trailer (as you have discovered) are the same again, potentially more. I have in mind that the minimum weight of the boat for measuring purposes is 169 kg (not certain of this without checking). If we carry anything in the boat when trailing it tends to be bulky, light stuff such as fenders, sails, even clothing, with dense objects like anchors, outboard and so on in the vehicle. Our Wayfarer trails better with a slightly nose-heavy weight distribution, incidentally.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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