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    Can any one post me details (or photos ) of the clever launching trolley set up I think I may have seen at cruising events? This comprises a launching trolley with a bigger than normal, pneumatic jockey wheel, a longish grab handle/ bar that up to three or four can pull on and the whole grab / pull/ front jockey wheel assembly then pivots so as to make hauling a boat out of the water a “relatively easy” process.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help!



    you mean this?

    I would have thought you could order this through your local chandler, certainly the above sell them @ £65 – but not sure what the carriage would be and I know they are available from Seamark nunn here in Suffolk


    Thanks for your suggestion; Its not going to work on my launch trolley; no room to fit the thing. It seems to me that trailers and trolleys are not really designed with the user in mind.
    Can anyone suggest a good design for a combi trailer/ trolley or shall I design one myself?!!


    Colin Parkstone


    Can i ask what type you have at the moment and make?

    Is it a combi and what is it your looking for it to do that it does not do at the moment?

    C P 😕


    I liked the look of one of those special jockey wheels with a handle but decided to make my own. The wheel, which came with the mounting was about £10 from a trailer supplier. I simply welded an offset piece of tubing onto this and slotted it into a larger piece of tubing on the launch trolley.
    It works well since the wheel will act like a castor and face the direction of travel because of the offset. I don’t find that I need a handle for it.



    Hi Colin; I have no idea of the make or model of trailer. Its a combi trailer. It is not too old, galvanised, very robust, tows well and has a german tow ball fitting. Its a heavy item. That’s all I can tell you.

    For the last year I have been renovating the boat. When moving it in a workshop I grabbed one the very stubby launch trailer grab handles, attached to the v shaped bow restraint, and the whole thing snapped off the launching trolley! Having “lost” the snapped off bit in the workshop, I now need to make a replacement . This gave me the chance to consider altering the set up to that I have seen some wayfarer owners using, featuring a decent pneumatic swivelling jockey wheel with a reasonably sized grab handle. Presumably this arrangement can be removed and stowed away when trailering behind the car.

    Currently there is a small 6″ diameter swivelling jockey wheel about 3 feet from the nose of the launching trailer. The trouble with it is it is too small, it fouls itself on the main trolley frame and is too low to be of any use on the road trailer.
    I have access to a mate with cutting and welding gear and we have looked over the trailer with a view to fitting something but we cant decide what to fit or how!



    The swivelling jobby that Margaret posted above fits very neatly with the West Mersea combis. These (take a look at any RS boat, as well as many other classes) have a short, 3 inch tall, tube welded on to the A frame near the front. The vertical spike of the swivelling jobby (or the smaller standard sized) jockey wheel goes into this tube, and is held with a quick release pin: so once on the trailer it can be removed (or transferred from the trolley to the trailer).
    The only tricky thing is to get the tube it slots into the right distance from the front of the trolley. so that the flat piece allows the handle to clear the trolley.



    Any chance of a couple of photos of this set up?

    I’m hoping to get my trailer (and boat ) working in the next few weeks.


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