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    I’ve had a look at past posts on trailers/combos and not found anything that helps.

    ‘Home’ is a steep slip with a strong cross current and no significant slack period. I have a fairly standard Wayfarer combo, with a single rear keel roller and two bilge supports, and find it very difficult to keep the boat aligned while I first move it out of the water.

    I’m considering welding docking arms to an otherwise serviceable combo launching trolley. Does anyone know if this is a good or bad idea, or have any other clever ways of locating their boat on a trolley in a cross-current?


    I have used docking arms for several years and find them very helpful, particularly when single handed.
    They need to be sufficiently long to be clearly visible when the trolley is deep enough to float the boat on and well padded.
    With a clearance of not more than one inch on each side once the bow is tied on the boat has to be central on the trolley.

    Hope this helps


    Thanks, an idea of the right clearance helps a lot


    What I’ve found is that when launching you can immerse the trailer until the stern roller is submerged and the boat just floats off. But when retrieving, it is better to keep the trailer further out, so that the stern roller is out of the water. Then you winch the boat onto it. Once on the stern roller it is easy to control. I used to retrieve with the trailer further in, and had a devil of a job aligning the boat with the rollers. It would always end up with the main chine off the roller.

    Try the trailer further out next time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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