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    Mark Hill

    Is there such a winch that will strap onto the trailer to pull the trolley (and boat) onto the trailer? I am hoping to find something that is removable.


    ‘BIRD” Wayfarer World 10495


    Indespension ( will sell you a suitable winch, they start at under £20, but beware of “strapping it on”, if it gets loose while under load, injury and damage could ensue. It rather depends on the design of your road trailer and what there is to fix a winch to. If it does not get the trolley right home to it’s final position, it is not going to do the job.

    I would suggest you have a chat with the company that made your trailer, from your sail number it was built quite recently.

    Bob Harland

    It is usually fairly easy to get the trolley onto the trailer. Technique rather than brute force is sometimes enough – though the design of the trailer/trolley can effect this.

    Check that any bearings run freely and are well greased. This includes any metal on metal contacts that have to move against each other. This can make a massive difference.
    The technique that works for us, and I have seen used on other trailer makes:

    boat on trolley, loosely secure stem to trolley
    unload any gear in the boat – minimum weight helps
    crew1 sits on stern to lift bow high into the air
    crew2 pushes trailer under the boat and into position
    crew2 checks position
    crew1 lowers bow (slowly!)

    Checking the position can be v important – depends on trailer design.
    This should leave a few inches to pull the trolley home.

    hope that helps

    Colin Parkstone

    Another way is to hitch the base to the car so it cannot move while your pulling the trolley onto it !!
    Chock the trailer base wheels !!



    We all seem to have slightly different methods. I normally undertake this singlehanded: bring the boat on its trolley to the trailer and rest the front of the trolley on the axle, remove the jockey wheel, put a folded cover or something soft under the transom, lift the trolley until the transom touches the ground, lift the trailer (10″ wheels) to the same angle as the trolley and wiggle it into position, then lower both together and do a final wiggle to locate the trolley on its locking pin. 😛

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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