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    I’m delighted to have found and shaken hands on a very nice wayfarer.

    The trailer suspension/hubs and wheels are however very badly corroded and I want to get some new units to fit when I collect the boat in a couple of weeks.

    What capacity suspension units are people using?

    It seems like the choices are 250kg, 350kg or 500/550kg.

    I’m thinking 350kg sounds about right.  250kg doesn’t seem enough after allowing for boat (200kg ish) and trailer/trolley.

    500kg would be too much and perhaps not dampen things effectively?

    Interested to hear what people recommend?





    Hi Adam, 350kg might be an under estimate. When we put our boat with anchor and chain, trolley and trailer on a weighbridge it came to 465kg, just over the towing limit for our Polo. Ours is a heavy boat as we know from experience when lifting boats out of the water on a Wayfarer Rally. It might also explain why the wheels are not vertical and tyres tend to wear out on the inner shoulder. Perhaps our suspension units are not up to the job. Others will no doubt have different views, but if I were to replace ours I would go with the 500kg units. Good luck!

    Nick Giles LizzieB W9922


    Hi Nick

    Thanks for your reply.

    Very interesting, I will go for the bigger units.

    Thanks again


    Jon S

    Apologies for resurrecting an older thread. I’m also looking to change my suspension units and am torn between the 350kg units (a direct replacement it seems) or upgrading to 500kg units, which would require a bit of extra  I’m interested with how you got on with your 500kg units Adam, and if anyone else has any experience of the 500 vs 350.  I have a mk2 composite on an older Sovereign style trailer, limited to 8inch wheels due to the trailer mudguards. The West Mersea Road Base 275 has 400kg trailer gross weight limit, as does the Trident Vario 2.

    Any advice gratefully received!



    W7207 “Cwch Gls”


    Hi Jon

    My suspension units ended up a bit of a saga!

    I ordered the 500kg units, but the pre-drilled holes didn’t line up to those on my trailer and re-drilling them would have created some very large holes that I wasn’t too happy about.  So I sent them back and found another supplier that made their own units that they drilled to match my trailer holes.

    The were supposed to supply me with 400kg ones, but I ended up with 350kg ones……I couldn’t be bothered to send them back as I’d been waiting too long to get the trailer fixed, so I stuck with them and they have been fine.


    Jon S

    Many thanks! That’s the challenge I’m facing. Looks like I can get some 500kg ones that just about line up, but would still have to drill some extra holes. I think I have identified some 350kg ones that should slot right in, so will probably go for those then. I’m waiting to hear back from Trailertek in Winchester who have been very helpful so far, so will post what I finally go with when I have a solution.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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