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    I have just got back from viewing a composite Wayfarer down in South Wales.  The ebay pictures looked superb and on arrival the boat looked as good as in the photographs.  That was until I removed the floorboards to have a look at the structure.  Every floor support was showing signs of cracks and of breaking away from the hull.  A bit of a push on the side showed the bearers moving independently from the hull.

    All this damage was caused by the hull resting on its bilge keels instead of its keel.  What a shame. Needless to say we came away without it. But worth mentioning here as a reminder to everyone to check your boat rocks just a little when on its trailer and  also to do as I did when viewing a boat.  Remove the floorboards and check for cracks.



    Though I agree with what you said, it would not put me off buying the boat. The supports are relatively easy to fix with 50 quid worth of fibreglass and epoxy. I would use it to negotiate a better deal though.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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