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    I have a launching trailer (from a combi trailer) which is somewhat rusty in the joints and needs some TLC.

    I have considered treating the rust and painting it when the season is over, but would like to know what to do with the “occupant” in the mean time.

    It would make life so much easier if I can do the grinding and painting without the boat on top.

    Is there a method people recommend ?


    Bob Harland

    there’s a topic here on a similar subject;


    Thanks for that – lateral thinking ! I had not considered turning the boat
    over but can see how that helps.

    Thanks again,


    Bob Harland

    If you just want to get the boat off the trolley we usually manage okay with 2 people. Lift the bow and pull the trolley out – work it off gradually rather than one go.
    A soft surface such as grass saves the hull.
    The boat will sit happily on the grass, just chock under the bilges if the wind is going to rock it side to side.



    Thanks – I will study this somewhat. All suggestions make sense, now all I need to do is find some room !

    Thanks again.




    For all work on trailers in Bray Sailng Club first ask Danny!

    My boat lived quite happily on 4 tyres for a whole winter – remember Wayfarers are built to take the ground and have people sleep aboard.

    You can leave the boat on tyres in the club pen with no problem.

    Taking boat of trolley is a good moment for taking out centreboard for some TLC!

    Gordon DAVIES
    Hon Sec
    Bray Sailing Club


    Thanks Gordon, I will talk to Danny. He seems to be a man in demand for welding etc.

    There is nothing broken (yet) but there is a certain amount of rust in places that should be reduced.

    Also, some re-enforcement bars are not galvanised (it was actually Danny who spotted this) which is encouraging rust on the other parts.

    Not sure when I get the time to do all this – buying a new trolley at some point would be quicker !

    Thanks for the suggestion of tyres – that is worth trying. I do have some sheets of thick foam as well so perhaps that could help.

    Many thanks for the information.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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