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    Good morning everyone

    As a new member (currently not owning a Wayfarer) and living in Switzerland, I plan to purchase
    a boat from UK next year. Naturally I will tow it back to Lake Constance where I live and have two
    Does anyone have any knowledge of sailing on large inland lakes ? The winds here tend to be light
    in The Summer, with a slight increase after September.
    Second question is, what would members recommend as the lowest powered (yet practical) car to tow said boat
    across half of Europe !

    I do not plan to buy a wooden model. Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

    best regards Robert Best 8)


    Hi Robert,

    Congrats on moving to Wayfarers. To be honest, the quality of your trailer will be the big issue! You need to be confident that it will do the job – I have had a bad towing experience, due to a poor trailer, but am currently on my way back from Medway YC to Northern Ireland, having left one Wayfarer over and am bringing another back (both one good trailers, so straightforward journeys).

    In terms of size of car, a normal family saloon would suffice.

    Good luck

    W 8848


    Hi Robert,
    I have towed my MK 2 from Essex to the Carsington reservoir in Derbyshire, via a camp site. I used my 1400 Fiesta. It did ok, I would suggest you go to the technical forum and search towing. I would think you would require something more powerful and heavier than my car to take it over to Switzerland some will agree and some not. The tech forum is your best option for advise.


    Bob Harland

    Hi Robert,
    there was quite a good thread around this subject that is worth a read if you have not already found it;

    Someone who used a weighbridge for their boat/trailer found it came in at 460kg

    We currently tow our Wayfarer with a Honda civic 1.7D, and previously Astra 1.7D. Both were fine on long trips to Scotland.
    The car handbook should state the towing weight limits.

    hope that helps


    Thanks Bob, that’s really helpful, as well as the comments and advice from the other
    responders, Geoff , and Trevor.

    best regards Robert


    Also worth belonging to Green Flag . They delivered my campervan and boat to Skerries and for an encore did the same thing the next year from Falmouth home to Sussex !


    Towed my original Wayfarer from York to Stornoway in a couple of days with a Kia 1.6cDi, no worries except for when one of the wheels collapsed! Make sure your wheels aren’t too rusty, and have at least one spare, plus the correct size socket to change it (mine turned out to be imperial- thank goodness for the kindness of passers-by).
    The little 8″ wheels seem to collapse quite easily, I have actually scrapped wheel rims are reused the barely-worn tyres.

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