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    Mark Hill

    I am considering having topping lift fitted to my World. Is this unusual?

    Also …….

    When cruising and taking an outboard, do you leave it on the transom or stow it in the lazarette ?

    Is it unusual to leave it on the transom?

    Thank you


    World 10495



    A topping lift can be very useful when cruising to hold the boom up out of the way. It is not needed for reefing, as on larger boats. If you are wishing to suspend the boom for a long period of time (and use a boom tent) then you may want to consider a boom crutch as well as this places less strain on the mast, but i have certainly found my topping lift useful.

    I cruise my World with the engine on the transom. I used to keep it in the box (for which I assume your lazarette is the same) but I took the box out as it was too much in the way, as well as excess weight near the stern, and I find that when I want the engine it is usually not the time to be messing about with trying to get it out of the box. I have centre main sheeting with a transom traveller but do not find that the engine gets in the way as it is mounted on the bracket that extends back a few inches.


    When our two children were younger, they didn’t like the boom coming down when the sail was lowered. I fitted a topping lift to keep the boom up and out of the way. It was also easier to tidy the sail by rolling it round the boom with the aft end supported by the topping lift. If you’re into rowing, it makes that easier too, but I prefer paddles to oars.

    Disadvantages were the occasional difficulty in getting the mainsail to the top of the mast (the topping lift shackle could foul the top of the sail)

    On the whole, with young children, it did the job, but a year or so ago, they voted to have it removed.


    Perhaps I should add that I use the line for a variety of uses (mast head light or extra mast head bouyancy) as well as for a topping lift – taking it back to the back of the boom as required. The remainder of the time it is tied off down the mast.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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