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    I’m in the process of refurbishing a Mk I GRP Wayfarer where one of the refurbishment items is replacement of the old damaged thwart by making a GRP replacement from a mould taken off the old one. That done I now need to glass in on the underside of the thwart the blocks to take the toe straps. Can anyone out there give me the typical dimension used for the placement of these blocks from the dinghy centreline out to the centreline of the toe strap? I can then glass in the blocks in the correct position.


    Malcolm Sharp

    Dave Barker

    Hi Malcolm,

    As there have been no other responses I’ll have a quick go… It seems to me that you have the perfect opportunity to set up the boat to suit your own requirements. So much depends upon personal preference, with leg length varying so much. Don’t forget to ensure that you leave sufficient space to sleep in the boat, should this be an aspect that interests you. I can’t really be more specific than that – anyone else?


    Don’t some boats have adjustable toe-straps from inboard to outboard to allow for different sizes of helm and crew?

    Does anyone know how that is managed.  It might be a good idea to build the facility in while you have the opportunity.  Adjustable ones could then be pushed out of the way for sleeping, if that’s what you need.


    Thanks ‘Dave’ and ‘davdor7038’! Although I managed to get an estimate of the distance from the old thwart (10″ from dinghy centreline to toe strap centre line), I’m inclined to go with an adjustable solution as you suggest. As I’ve yet to glass in the toe strap support battens under the thwart I can easily make them longer allowing a range of distances, say, 8″ to 14″ from the centreline.  That should cover both the younger and the taller members of my crew!

    Thanks again for your input.

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