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    Just working through my plan for replacing the wooden block that is glassed in place under the forward end of the centre board case at the tabernacle.

    Discovered it was rotten in a stiff breeze off the Isle of Wight when the toe straps came free, fortunately without incident!

    Posting to see if anyone has recommendations in terms of type of wood. I have a block of ash which is well seasoned but quite hard to work with so was thinking of making a softwood template first. A friend recommended using facia board polycarbonate instead, is that advisable since it would need to be thick enough to take the fixings from the tabernacle?

    Other questions are how to prepare grp when old block is removed, and does boat need to be inverted to glass it in place?




    you are about to benefit from almost the only thing I know about this:
    Don’t use the ash!. I was told ash is not a wood to use anywhere it might get wet. Also its hard to work with – tough as nails once seasoned.
    mahogany is suprisingly easy to work: I’ve enjoyed it so far.
    have fun, and very much enjoyed the photo – very surreal.
    Boris W 6330.


    Didn’t realise Robbie Coltrane was into sailing.


    Ok, that’s reason enough to avoid putting on too much weight over the winter season. just to be quite clear… another pic

    I got some mahogany today at robbins for £2 and as it was a bit shy of the 90mm required, I stopped at the wood recycling project and for the same price got a side from a pool table, also mahogany.


    Colin Parkstone

    Its a Cracker !!!!! 😆
    When you bond the block onto GRP, use some polyester filler in some resin to bond the block and then fibreglass and resin over the block to encase it. Finish off with a coat of resin and white gel coat mix with some wax in it to take away the sticky feel and give you a gloss type finish.


    When I rebuilt Bramble, the bit of infill wood in question was reasonably sound so I left it in place.

    However I was concerned that the end of the centre board case was secured & supported by the tabernacle by two screws on each side. I ended up encasing the top of the case with sapele (a bit OTT but looks good 8) ) and put two bits of vertical timber underneath to help support it.

    It would be well worth considering as there is a lot of downward pressure from the mast onto just four screws into suspect timber.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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