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    Dave Barker

    I have just discovered a petition that has been organised to try to get UK tidal data made available free of charge, as it is in most other places.

    If you think this should be the case, there is an opportunity to petition the PM online, but only until this Friday. Here is the link:-


    You can obtain free tidal date for up to six days from hundreds of sites around the coast at the BBC’s site/weather/coastal
    Iain W 7057

    Dave Barker

    Exactly – up to 6 days. What about planning a rally for next June?

    Bob Harland

    you can now get 28 days;

    and for many Ports e.g. Dover, Aberystwyth you can get the whole year, so as long as you have any old almanac you can work out tides for anywhere else;
    – though I cannot vouch for how accurate mobilegeographics model is, but probably good enough for planning a wayfarer rally.


    Dave Barker

    I’m amazed!

    How do they get around the UKHO copyright? Ignore it I suppose… Or use different data.

    Thanks Bob.


    Morning all!
    Cheers for the link Bob, straight into “my favourites”
    and I’ve just had my first e mail from no.10, cheers Dave

    the last time I got political was when I was traumatised by the BBC removing the isobars with their new graphics………still shout at the telly when the weatherman doesn’t give us that little clue as to WHY the weather is like it is

    Happy New Year!


    Try this:

    Free registration gives you longer range prediction


    Try this –

    See post todays date on cruising forum

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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