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    Dave Bevan

    @bigal wrote:

    I’m not sure you are right to be jealous of the self-draining feature of the mark IV s . Only once out of four capsizes have we managed to prevent a total inversion needing rescue boat help to right the boat . They may be better inland on flat water but in waves the inversion is rapid

    We’ve had similar experiences to Alan, even inland. We’ve also found inversion happens rapidly, and it then needs both helm and crew on the gunwhale to get the boat back on it’s side!

    We’ve just come back from a week of family day-sailing on the western Solent from Lymington. We’ve also found that additional weight of outboard and bracket on the transom makes the boat very aft heavy, and when you sit aft to start/tend to the outboard, or even when sailing with a following tide, she will ship water through the drain tubes, so for our next cruise, we’ll be looking to find a way of temporarily plugging the tubes – if I’d wanted a wet boat, I’d have bought a Laser 2000!

    That aside, it’s still a much better boat than our old MKII (non-SD)

    P.S. We have sailhead buoyancy when daysailing


    Yes the laser stratos has some system where part of the side tanks fill with water in a capsize. see the Y&Y review:

    Maybe something like this should be tought about.



    We’ve now had two MkIVs with four racing seasons and had Moores and a Porters +Ss before that. The club has one other MkIV which has been very successfully campaigned nationally, the helmsman of which helms one of the better woodies in club races, when the MkIV’s open circuit crew competes by helming the MkIV.

    Our joint verdict?
    1. When the mast is above the boat
    Overall, not much between the woodie and the MkIV but both are overall faster than the +Ss. The woodie is probably better in the very light, the MkIV better in marginal planing and more stable when on he plane.

    2.When the mast is horizontal
    Mk IV great – comes up pretty well empty and empties completely. Lots of bailing for the woodie & +S.

    3.Boat above the mast
    Woodie wins easily with +S second and MkIV nowhere. Woodie & +S come up fast and low enough to get in easily. MkIV: been inverted twice with kite up and impossible for our relatively light weight to right the boat, wherever we stand on gunwhale, with or without righting lines, released spi halyards, etc (we’ve had all the advice, no more please). Just can’t right it (I read a blog somewhere that you need around 27stone to right it do it). So, until it is permitted to reduce gunwhale buoyancy, we keep racing with a Secumar CO2 buoyancy device at mast head (no effect of performance).

    This is a safety issue for lighter crews that we never experienced on the +Ss and which needs a responsible objective look at by the class.

    Great boat, future of the class, but currently flawed.

    In the end, it’s not the boat but the dick on the stick and the dope on the rope that has the biggest performance effect. The two top boats+crews at the club are both woodies with crews that compete widely.


    So its not only me ( us ) finding that buoyancy is a problem . While I don’t expect to capsize ever again now the Zimmer has been fitted ( picys in the next mag ) I do think the Committee and copyright holders should consider urgently the inverting issue or does it need a resolution at the next AGM ?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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