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    I would be interested in what you use to prop up the stern of your boats when they are on a trailer to allow things like mast stepping?
    Currently I use a chair at home but I am looking for something easier to transport when out and about.

    Whilst I am at it, is there anything else I should be considering when working in the boat on land?



    I always step the mast before I put the jockey wheel on – that way the hull is bow down and by getting in the boat the mast can be pulled up using the pivot bolt without one’s feet being put down aft of the thwart .

    Colin Parkstone

    I leave mine on the car towbar while i put up the mast, if fact i leave the base on the car as well while i put the boat/trolley onto the base.
    I find that the base will always move around and land up taking the skin off my shins šŸ˜”


    Definitely easiest to keep trailer attached to the car, but for in the garage & in dinghy park I have a folding prop made out of two pieces of MDF.

    Rope as hinge and rope to stop them spreading too far apart, in practice it can be pushed under the stern and is adjustable in height, as long as it is on gravel or a non-slip surface, once the weight is on it the legs don’t spread. I made it up when working on the restoration as it is easier to keep the boat on the trolley.

    Hmmm, that does make sense but probably needs a photo šŸ’”

    Dave Bevan

    I stay in front of the thwart when the boat’s on the trailer; stepping the mast or for any other reason.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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