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    Recently gone to the chandlers to buy thinners for two-pack varnish (Hempel Diamond) and I was shocked by the price!

    Anybody used standard thinners from DIY store etc on two-pack?




    I do, but I do make sure it is pure Xylene and not Toluene. Xylene is what most two pack PU paint thinners are.

    You may want to check the safety data sheet of the Hempel product. This sheet must be publicly available and must include the chemical composition (try google).

    Over here the better DIY stores have Xylene next to Toluene on their shelves. These products have their content printed on the packaging. Xylene is a slightly more expensive compared to Toluene. However, the el cheapo stores don’t list the content and often sell you a cheap mixture of chemicals. In any case try some with a small amount of paint on a test surface. If you are not sure, use the Hempel product for it will be guaranteed to be pure stuff without anything else in the mix. On the other hand, if you reserve the Hempel stuff for thinning your paint and use the stuff from the DIY store for everything else, a small Hempel tin will last a long time. After all, you never need to thin more then 10%.


    Thanks for the advice,

    I think it’s probably best to use the right stuff. Looking at the cheap stuff there is no list of components on the tin.

    Not worth getting it wrong…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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