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    Hi All. I bought a second hand Mk 1 tent about 18 months ago. Finally getting serious about using it. I’m wondering if there is any guidance on what goes where for setting it up.

    Dave Barker

    We’re talking about an over-boom tent here, right?

    Have you got a rope bridle (about 4 mm diameter line) fitted around the boat to attach the tent? This is much easier than having to rig up a temporary one each time you use the tent. Depending on the shape and material of your gunwhale this is potentially quite easy to fit. Most tents seem to have either adjustable velcro or rope/shockcord ties to hold the edges of the tent down.

    If the boom needs to be raised above its usual height for the tent you’ll probably need a sliding gooseneck, which slots into the mast track above the fixed gooseneck that your boom normally fits onto. The mast track may need to be widened slightly – ours did. At the stern a simple ‘scissor’ crutch, for example, will support the other end of the boom.

    Does this begin to answer any of your questions?

    Dave Bevan

    Do you have the Wayfarer book, I think there’s some info in there.

    Remember the comedy when we rigged one for the first time 😆


    speaking of which:

    how many people raise the boom at the mast end for their boom tent or does everyone leave the boom at its sailing level? – which is quite low.
    I realise this is a very basic question but its amazing how often one fails to note these basic elements! My boom crutch definitely raises the free end of the boom above its normal level

    As a tall person, I’ve been wondering about raising the forward end of the boom by putting a spacer/prop on top of the gooseneck fitting (lashed around that at the base) and then lashing that and the boom to the mast about a foot higher up. sliding goosenecks seem mighty expensive …

    Boris W6330


    Many thanks all round for time and input. It is an over boom tent.
    When the wind dies down I will have another go at setting up camp. Still hoping I can get the desired result without tent pegs.

    Dave Barker

    As an alternative to a sliding gooseneck, what about a 100 mm bolt screwed into a piece of plywood, with a couple of bungees or velcro straps to go around the mast? It could be supported by the gooseneck bracket, or suspended from the main halyard or even the spinnaker pole ring.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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